Necklace Boxes

Necklace boxes can have various shapes, sizes and materials, but they all have one common feature: they contain hooks. These hooks are a very practical and simple way to separate and hang necklaces from each other. They are the best way to prevent tangles and ensure that the necklace stays in good condition.

Some of them are shaped like a flat, square or rectangular box. When you open the hinged lid, they are similar to the tray that comes with the universal box. The inner surface is usually a soft fabric, such as velvet or satin. However, compared with the tray, the most obvious difference is the presence of these hooks.

Moreover, they often have a bulge in the middle to highlight your necklace. Another common type of necklace box contains multiple trays that can display necklaces horizontally or vertically. When you pull out the tray, the inside including the hooks will be exposed. Some of them have no soft fabric lining.

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