Earring Boxes

The design of the earring boxes can usually solve the main problem people have with pairs of earrings: actually putting two earrings together. The size of earring boxes varies greatly: some boxes are only for a pair of earrings, and some boxes can hold up to 20 or more.

Single-pair boxes are usually small and square, with removable or hinged lids. In order to fix the earrings in place, they mostly use two methods. On the one hand, they have a piece of cardboard or another rigid material lined with a soft fabric, with two small holes for earrings. On the other hand, they can have a soft little pillow in which you can fix the earrings.

The larger earring box consists of small square compartments in which you can place a pair of earrings. Others contain rows of small hooks to hold the earrings on. However, they are most suitable for pin earrings. These two jewelry boxes are usually equipped with hinged glass lids to keep your items on display.

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