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Our focus on quality is the reason why companies large and small love working with us.


Browse through our most popular custom boxes to select the best possible box style that will look awesome on your products. CrenionBox is well known for making the best quality custom packaging boxes.


You should always choose Crenion Box Packaging for all your custom boxes & packaging needs. Get a free quote now!

Free Design Support

We have professional designers, just tell us your ideas, and we can provide you with a suitable packaging solution.

Custom Size & Style

All boxes can be customized, including size, style, material, Logo and so on.

Cost Effective Pricing

We are located in China, the world factory, famous for low price and high quality all over the world.

Quick Turnaround Time

On the premise of ensuring quality, we have efficient productivity. Provide door to door to air or sea service.

Welcome to Crenion Box Packaging | Custom Boxes

Why We Need Custom Boxes Manufacturer?

Custom boxes manufacturing is the most effective way to enhance the appearance of a company's brand, attract attention and help consumers easily identify your products. Plain boxes are outdated, you can make your packaging stand out by customizing gift boxes, and show your professional appearance by adding your company's logo, company name, brand slogan, website and elegant and colorful design. As the world becomes more and more digital every day. Don't be anonymous! Custom packaging is a marketing tool you must have these days. Why not be ahead of the competition and add some unique visual appeal to the custom packaging boxes. Custom boxes manufacturer is not as expensive as we thought. Thanks also to printing companies like Crenion Box Packaging Manufacturer, which gives you the opportunity to obtain cheap and high-quality custom gift boxes.

Create an impression with custom boxes

Custom boxes are the first thing that customers grasp when buying your product. The main goal of a custom box should be to create a great first impression. When your product reaches the customer, the buying process does not end. Create pleasant memories in the minds of customers through personal experience and make them champions of future business. As mentioned earlier, "Customers are the best brand ambassadors you can have." Therefore, why use the old boring ordinary packaging box to give you the first impression, please use a custom packaging box to add some color to the product and attract attention. Our custom packaging provides an excellent customer experience, distinguishes it from crowded marketing, and perfectly matches the strategy of companies that want to build strong relationships with customers.

Best custom packaging boxes for your product

How do you know which customized packaging is good for you? Do your research on what might be best for your customers, and create a packaging design that reflects your brand. You can choose to have Book style boxes, magnetic boxes, slide boxes or lid and bottom boxes. Be careful when you choose material and paint colors, keep in mind the image of your product that you are trying to represent with your custom printed boxes. Crenion Box Packaging has experts in the printing industry, if you are not sure which packaging solution suits your needs or can help you improve the results of custom boxes, we will provide you with appropriate guidance. Custom rigid boxes are the most widely used packaging solutions for luxury brands and our main specialty. We design and manufacture customized rigid packaging boxes to make your customers feel honored when they hold the packaging box for the first time.

Best design for custom boxes

Communication with you creates new dimensions of infinite possibilities. These days, packaging should be seen as an element of communication with customers, especially for companies that sell online and need to create a good customer experience. The design of the packaging reflects the value of the brand. Exquisite and elegant customized boxes, with classic shapes and styles, or you can surprise customers with rectangle, oval, circle, square, triangle, heart or other customized shapes. Cardboard boxes are undergoing a digital revolution: high-definition printing, 100% customization and ultra-customization, packaging has become the true carrier of the brand image. Our professional graphic designers are the best in the industry, you only need to provide the company logo, company name, embedding, any instructions to be printed and any preferred design. Our creative graphic designers will create different models for you to choose from.

What Crenion Box Packaging offers?

Crenion box packaging has worked in the custom packaging box industry for more than ten years. We have developed customized packaging solutions that are fully adapted to customer needs. Whether it is design, size or packaging type, our packaging is 100% customizable. In fact, no matter what constraints you encounter, our proficiency in design and production allows us to design custom printed boxes or packaging that perfectly suits your product. In addition to production, we also focus on the use of packaging, and we are committed to providing customers with innovative packaging solutions. Discover the scope of our solutions through concrete examples of achievements and become a trusted printing partner for our customers. Minimum turnaround time make us more distinctive. New printing technologies set new standards and provide an opportunity to turn packaging into a real communication medium. Call our sales experts today to start packing the way you imagine. Crenion Box Packaging Company is formed by the cooperation of well-equipped and dedicated designers and a passionate production team. We provide customers with imagination and let them think about what they want within the scope of design. We have the responsibility to convey their ideas in the form of real products. We offer Free Graphic Designing with unlimited design revisions, Quick Turnaround Time, and Custom Size & Style for your Custom Boxes. Crenion Box packaging is ruling Packaging market over ten years. We always strive to serve in the best way. Fulfilling our promises is our motivation. We know the value of time, which is why we deliver the final product in the shortest time, whether it's corrugated boxes or high-quality paper printing jobs that meet the needs of our customers' offices. Each member of the crenion box packaging team is a magician in the field of design or production. From exquisite paper art designs to huge corrugated boxes, crenion box packaging is the best in their field.


Follow these most important steps carefully before ordering custom packaging boxes for your products.

Choose a style

Select a style for your custom boxes based on meterial, presentation, usage and your product protection

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