Leatherette Boxes

The leather/leatherette-covered surface becomes leather/leatherette jewelry boxes. Leather is very popular among fashion designers and home decoration items. Because it looks very fashionable and expensive, and at the same time is a very durable material. In addition, leather is a very popular material in men’s jewelry boxes. Because it can give them a manly and more robust appearance. As opposite of the elegance and sophistication that fabrics such as satin or velvet or glass give women’s jewelry boxes.

Given its flexibility, some of the more unusual jewelry storage options ( jewelry rolls and pouches, etc.) all use leather materials. It is in order to provide them with the required flexibility and durability. In recent years, customers have become more and more interested in leatherette. Because leatherette has a high environmental and moral cost. However, people must be aware of the fact that real leather is bad is not the only reason for choosing leatherette products.

First, the size of leatherette can exceed the size of most animals, meaning there are more options for what to make. In addition, since it is synthetic material, we can made it into a matt or stronger material as needed. Finally, leatherette does not soften and age like real leather, which means it can be used for a longer period of time while maintaining its original properties.

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